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A light, refreshing touch which helps to highlight the richness of the natural world.

Duration 45 to 75 minutes (4 - 6 activities)
Participants 9 - 90 years
Staffing One plus support
Season Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter
Site Rural or urban - very versitile as no 'props' to set up

These sensory earthwalk activities provide exciting and engaging ways to involve people of all ages in exploring the natural world. The activites you chose to include will depend upon the environment you set your walk in and the experience you wish your group to have. Instructions and advice for how to run your Earthwalk activities are laid out in two collections, Earth Magic and Snow Walk [external link], and are available to buy from the UK branch office.

A few of the most popular activities include:

Eye in the sky

Eye In The Sky

Probably the most well known of these activites. Here you experience a fantastic (yet unusual) view of the world using a special mirror to discover what it's like to have an eye on top of your head!



Share a wonderful cocktail of natures smells.



Make a personal recording of your woodland's 'music'.

touches picture

Half a Dozen Touches

Describing and discovering the world around you through feeling.

leaf slide picture

Leaf Slides

Become part of a special slide show and discover the inner beauty of a leaf.

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