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Muir Trek

A Muir Trek is a chance to replenish the soul by connecting to a wild place for almost a ‘whole turning of our planet’, staying in the here and now and almost melding with a wild place.

A small group of ’human travellers’, usually between 8 – 12, set off in anticipation of a wild adventure well before sunrise and wander without any idea of time and destination over a wild area until some time after sunset. The idea, “to witness and connect deeply with other species and land which we depend on – land that still has a ‘wildness’ to it”.

It is a journey inspired by John Muir who lived at the turn of the 20th century and was the pioneer of the modern day conservation movement. He was known to ‘jump over the garden fence with a loaf of bread’ and explore the wilds of the USA for weeks on end – surviving on ‘essences and crumbs’. Indeed Muir wrote passionately and deeply about his adventures and the need to preserve wild places both for their own sake and for the replenishment of human spirit. The heart of the trek is to get to that essence of ecstasy that many of us seek, where we get completely lost in the moment and can truly empathise with the natural world, something Muir sought in every second of his life.


If you are interested in leading a "Muir Trek" then we run leadership workshops.

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