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Rangers of the Earth

Rangers of the Earth £15.00

Rangers of the Earth

An Earth Education programme for getting to know your place in space.

Duration a years worth of weekly activities, with a full days outdoor experience early on and another (or several shorter excursions) in a different season
Participants Aged 10-11 years
Site a place to meet as well as access to a natural area year round

Over 20 years in the making, Rangers of the Earth is for those looking to forge positive connections between young people and local natural areas, while helping them examine their own lifestyle. It's the most comprehensive earth education program published so far.

Letters from Earth Rangers Rami and Raini introduce the activities and applaud the youngsters accomplishments. When participants complete the program to become Earth Rangers, they can register at a Ranger Station and continue to watch out for and care for their local natural places. This helps set the program apart from the typical field trip experience.


The goal of the RANGERS OF THE EARTH program is to turn out youngsters who possess some basic ecological understandings and good feelings about the earth and its life, and will undertake not only to live more lightly themselves, but to take action in their local community. They will:

  • learn seven secrets about the earth
  • decode phrases and messages from Earth Rangers
  • get to know a local natural place
  • work with others to make a difference

During the year, there are many opportunities to enhance and enrich the experience of participants to help make these connections more immediate.


RANGERS OF THE EARTH is for those leaders who genuinely want a learning adventure that will captivate and motivate their students, setting them off on a year-long quest. Frankly, it will not suffice for those looking for a brief, unrelated respite from the confines of the classroom or a primarily social, recreational outing. ItÂ’s a fairly intense, highly stimulating educational experience that must continue for some time back at home or meeting place.

If used in classrooms, it can provide the framework for an entire yearÂ’s studies, integrating all subjects into the excitement. It can also be run as an after-school club, or for Scouts or other youth groups. If you have a meeting place, willing leaders, and a local natural area with easy access for the participants, this program is for you.

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Rangers of the Earth Information Pack(209KB PDF)

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