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Introductory Earth Education Workshop

This introductory-level workshop will provide you with a template for building your own earth education programme.

You will gain:

  • a clear understanding of earth education - its philosophy, background and distinctiveness
  • first hand experience of several outdoor and an indoor activity
  • the skills behind creating some dynamic magical learning adventures
  • specific ways for helping learners improve their relationship with the Earth
  • guidelines for leading earth education activities and programmes
  • tools for developing programmes in your own setting
  • an overview of the earth education programmes and materials
  • how the informal and formal curriculum fits with earth education

What happens in an Earth Education Workshop?

The day starts at 8.30 and finishes at 5.30 with indoor and outdoor sessions, including:

  • an analysis of what makes earth education different from most environmental education
  • the whys, whats and ways of earth education
  • leadership guidelines

and a number of activities that will help your learners improve their relationship with the planet including:

  • throwaway planet - a classroom based motivating activity looking at waste and our effects on endangered species
  • an earthwalk - a light refreshing walk in the natural world focusing on the senses
  • munchline monitors - a conceptual encounter dealing with energy flow
  • and a solitude activity.

There is also a session looking at current earth education programmes and materials/support available.

We hope to include all the above sessions in the time. Some rearrangements of the order may be necessary depending upon weather.

If you are interested in participating in or hosting an Earth Education Workshop please contact Jon Cree, the U.K. training co-ordinator.

The Fund for Earth Education is a registered charity number 1017462.

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