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Earthkeeper Leadership Workshop

This is a 2 and a half day workshop that provides a thorough analysis of the entire onsite Earthkeepers program emphasizing leadership skills and model activity presentations. The whole Earthkeepers program will be presented from start to finish, and we will be processing each activity presented. For example, after each program component, such as the Opening Ceremony in E.M.s Lab and concept activities such as Connection Inspection, we will look at the physical set up, props, sequence, and other important details.

This workshop is specifically for:

leaders/centers/schools that intend to set up and run an Earthkeepers program; staff who are currently running an Earthkeepers program and wish to improve the level of their program offering; program sites that want to have their staff trained as Earthkeepers program leaders.

Who Should Attend?

Outdoor leaders, nature center staff, curriculum specialists, teachers, rangers, camp staff, volunteers, interpretive naturalists, and environmental educators

If you are interested in participating in or hosting an Earthkeepers Leadership Workshop please contact Jon Cree, the U.K. training co-ordinator.

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