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Earthkeeper Day Workshop

Earthkeepers is a ground breaking programme that starts off with three days of activities that introduce how the natural world around us works and how we are affecting it; it then continues in school and at home with tasks that reinforce and develop understandings as well as key social and communication skills. At four stages during the programme the children earn four different keys which open mysterious chests. They earn two keys during the first three days and the rest are earned later in the programme. This is a highly motivating and effective programme that has been developed and trialed world wide over a number of years by The Institute for Earth Education.

Aims of the workshop:

  • To give an introduction to the goals, design criteria and programme of Earthkeepers an earth education programme for 9 - 11 year olds
  • To introduce the whys, whats and ways of earth education and how this applies to the programme in question
  • To help participants set up an earth education programme; looking at props, siting of activities, programme package

Earth education is the process of helping people of all ages live more harmoniously and joyfully with the natural world. This is achieved through:

  • developing and strengthening peoples understandings of the major ecological systems and communities that support life on the planet
  • helping people develop deep and lifelong emotional attachments to the earth and its life
  • helping people live more lightly by reducing their impact on the earth

This is done through designing and developing carefully crafted, dynamic, fun learning adventures such as Earthkeepers.

If you are interested in participating in or hosting an Earthkeepers Leadership Workshop please contact Jon Cree, the U.K. training co-ordinator.

The Fund for Earth Education is a registered charity number 1017462.

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